• GDInside was launched as the Gardner Denver distributor extranet back in 2007, around the same time the iPhone debuted but long before the introduction of the tablet. In recent years we have seen an ever growing need to provide a solution to our users that would allow them to use GDInside on whichever device they choose. We have noticed that times are changing and now, so is GDInside.

    Gardner Denver is excited to announce the upcoming launch of GDInside 2.0. It's clear to us that GDInside is a valuable tool for all of its users. After we examined, rethought, and redesigned GDInside we now have a tool that is easy to navigate and allows users to experience the same website on their smart phone or tablet as they do on their desktop or laptop.

    Below are a few of the new and exciting features you can look forward to seeing within the GDInside 2.0.

    • Stunning New User Interface – Every area of GDInside has been examined, rethought, and redesigned. We hope that you find it easier to navigate and more visually pleasing.
    • Responsive Interface – View GDInside 2.0 from any device including smart phones and tablets. GDInside 2.0 will respond to your device without limiting your viewing experience.
    • Easy Access to Assets – Find the assets you are looking for quickly and easily. Improved navigation allows you to find the assets you are looking for either by a product or by a category.
    • Favorite Assets – Do you frequently access GDInside for specific assets? GDInside 2.0 allows you to "Favorite" the assets you want to see on your dashboard creating easy access to your assets.
    • Improved Search – GDInside 2.0 takes searching for assets to a whole new level. The improved searching capability within GDInside 2.0 allows you to not only search the assets title and description but also searches the actual text of the asset. The improved search functionality will allow for more accurate search results, something we learned through our research needed some major improvement.
    • Onscreen Assets Viewing – We know that time is valuable and within GDInside 2.0 you can view an asset onscreen first, without downloading it, allowing you to quickly scan the asset and decide if it is the asset to verify it's the asset you need.
    • Cleaned up Assets – We heard what you said and we have made major changes in our asset management process. We have also reviewed every asset within GDInside and made the necessary changes so that it is easier to access assets.
    • Intuitive Navigation – Intuitive – adjective – Using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning. There is no other way to describe the redesigned and redeveloped navigation within GDInside. Assets within GDInside have been put in categories that just make sense making it easier to find what you are looking for.
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